In Honor Of Geri Halliwell's Bday Here's My Top 5 Spice Girls Songs

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I was just a MAJOR spice girls fan girl... so in honor of my girls big bday I wanted to take a trip down memory lane! So please join me! 

5. "Who Do You Think You Are" **if you didn't dance in the mirror and pretend you were on a catwalk to this song, we can't be friends...


4. "Viva Forever" ** just iconic Spice Girls... timeless.. chic ... this was a special moment for us spice girls fans...


3. "Wannabe" **I actually still to this day quote lyrics from this song.. so there's that ... #sorrynotsorry 

2. "Spice Up Your Life" **classic... can't be beat! 


1. "2 Become 1" **Nothing tops this one for me.. this was just SPICE GIRLS TO THE CORE.. and so so dang good! 


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