Next Up Artist of the Week: Why Don't We


Why Don't We stopped by the studio and talked to Freddy Rivera about life on tour and how they became a band. The band-members started out as solo artists but they meshed well together that they decided to form a band. 

They started off as friends so there wasn't a lot of bonding that needed to happen because they were already so close: "These are my bros." 

The boys are now on their Something Different tour and they added another night in LA after the first show sold out. 

How do you decide on a place to eat? 

We have 5 spots we go to every time and we order family style. We share everything 

The craziest moment you've had together: 

Hearing ourselves on KIISFM!!!! 

In-N-Out Order: 

Animal Style fries and Neapolitan shakes. 


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