Fourth Of July Weekend Is Coming Up - Here Is Some Information

Fourth of July celebrations in Chicago

Starting Friday, California Highway Patrol officers will begin to ramp up patrols all over state highways and roads to catch traffic violators and mainly, drunk drivers. 

Starting at 6 PM Friday and going through 11:59 PM Tuesday, officers will be on the streets ready to crack down on drivers breaking the law. 

They hope to minimize traffic related accidents and deaths. According to the NHTSA, Fourth of July weekends cause a number of DUI-related deaths. From 2011 to 2015, 751 people were killed in those types of crashes. 

Also with Fourth Of July being around the corner, gas is also at it's lowest in 12 years. Nationwide and in Southern California, the gas is at a new low. So with that being said, more people are expected to be on the road. So be careful when celebrating during the long holiday weekend. Make sure to wear your seat-belt and have a designated driver! 

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