9 Ways To Keep Your Pet Calm During a 4th of July Fireworks Show

We all love firework shows. But our pets…not so much. Here are a few tips to make sure your pets stays calm and happy during our favorite 4th of July festivity. 

1: Make sure your dog is tagged

This is important in case your dog gets spooked and runs off. 

2: Play with your pet

Keep them distracted and engaged in something other than the fireworks going off. If their attention is on something else, they won’t be as stressed. Give them their favorite toy or a treat to keep their mind occupied. 

3: Make sure your pet exercises earlier in the day

This will allow them to get their energy out before the fireworks show, which will help them with their nerves, and they will be less likely to panic. 

4: Don’t take your pet outside if you can help it

If you can, leave your pet at home or don’t let them go outside, this will help muffle the noise of the fireworks.

6: Play soothing music or turn on a TV

 If you're at home, play calming music for your pet. This will help relax them and distract them.

7: Let them hide if they want to hide

Don’t force your pet to behave in a certain way. If they want to hide, let them.  It will make them feel safer and it may stress them out more if you try to make them come out of their hiding place. 

8: Give your pet a blanket

If you give your pet a blanket, it may make the dog feel protected and more comfortable. In some cases, it can also help muffle the sound. 

9: Stay calm

Nothing will stress a pet out more than a stressed out owner. Be calm and use an even tone in your voice. Don’t get over excited or react quickly. If you are calm, it will be soothing to your pet.


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