Galantis Gives JoJo EDC Survival Tips, Talks About Upcoming Album

Galantis just wrapped up a headlining tour before entering the EDC speedway on Night 1. The "Runaway (U & I)" performers had a chance to sit down with JoJo and talk about what they're planning for the next year.

The chart-topping duo gave an interesting spin on how to hydrate for EDC, suggesting a sip of "Russian water" to get through the 3-day festival. But when asked about future announcements, Galantis gave minimal hints about any new music they plan to drop this year. 

"We've been working on the second album for a long time, so we got a ton of music coming out," said Christian Karlsson. "It's definitely going to be an exciting year for us." 

When asked about crazy Vegas stories, the duo said that spontaneous tattoos are a must-have because "planned tattooing is kind of weak.


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