First Statewide Flex Alert of the Year Due To This Weeks Heat Wave


If you're pretty much anywhere in California this week, you'll know hot extremely HOT it is outside! It's unbearable in some spots. I even know some people that are living inland that have no air! How are they dealing with this!? 

So, with this heat wave, the California ISO issued a statewide "Flex Alert". In case you are unfamiliar with what it is (I'm looking at you transplants) it's basically a call to conserve electricity during the peak times between 2 PM and 9 PM.

The Flex Alert is issued today, Tuesday, June 20 through Wednesday, June 21.

There are many ways to conserve: 

  • Use major appliances in morning or late evening
  • Set thermostat at 78° or higher and turn off, if away 
  • Turn off unnecessary lights and appliances 
  • Cool with fans and draw drapes 

It is being said that energy usage is expected to exceed 47,000 megawatts EACH DAY. 


So stay safe, if you don't have air, go to a cooling center or just visit a cool area like a mall or movie theater. For more information, check out this article from KTLA.

Clearly, people on Twitter are voicing their frustrations with the heat, I don't blame them... it's hot! 


Stay cool, friends!

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