This Girl Saved Her Friend's Life Thanks To Watching 'The Hunger Games'

This girl just might be a Katniss Everdeen in the making... 

12-year-old Megan Gething was playing in a marsh in Massachusetts when her friend Mackenzie fell into the mud and sliced her leg open on a steel pump.

At first Mackenzie thought she just bumped her leg, until she pulled it out of the mud and saw how badly cut she really was.

Megan, thankfully, had actually learned some basic first aid from The Hunger Games series and was able to make a makeshift tourniquet out of her friend's shorts to seriously reduce blood loss!


Once authorities arrived, Mackenzie was transferred to Boston Children's Hospital in case of infection, and it took 48 stitches to close the wound!

Thanks to Megan's help, Mackenzie is expected to make a full recovery within a month.

I think this is a serious case of, 'don't judge people for the books they read' because some people wouldn't expect that The Hunger Games could make such a significant impact.

Megan, you are one awesome friend!

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Thumbnail: Getty Images


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