Selena Gomez On New Music, Hot Cheetos & '13 Reasons Why'


Look who's back! I got to sit down with Selena Gomez and talk to her about some of her new music that will be coming out probably sometime in the future (the date isn't set for her album release yet!). She took a little break for a bit - a well deserved one indeed - but now she's back and her music is awesome!

We talk about her newest single "Bad Liar" and how she bonded over tequila and hot cheetos with Julia Michaels. They know how to party! 

I liked asking her about how the writing process goes. It doesn't seem to be easy all the time. Sometimes it looks like there will be days where it's harder than others, but it looks like Selena has it down to a science. 

If you didn't know, Selena and her Mother have had the rights to the book, "13 Reasons Why" for seven years and now Selena signed on the show as a executive producer. She explains the show a little bit since I've kind of been afraid to tune in, but I really want to and will definitely do so! 

I had such a blast with Selena. She's such a great and talented woman and I'm always excited when she comes to visit! Check out "Bad Liar" now and keep and eye out for her new album! 

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