Ryan Seacrest Totally Deserves To Be In The National Radio Hall Of Fame


First off, GO VOTE HERE! Now let me tell you why Ryan deserves this...

Ryan Seacrest has been nominated to be inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame… and he is so humble & modest that he’s not lobbying for himself… hence why I have taken the task VERY seriously!

There are so many reasons why I believe Ryan deserves this huge honor.. But most important to my heart is The Ryan Seacrest Foundation.

Ryan knows how healing & powerful music is & took his love of radio & put it into Children’s Hospitals all across the country.

Through these Seacrest Studios patients can have their own shows & kids in their rooms are able to see what’s going on in the studio.

The Seacrest Studios have also been a place where many celebrities come to visit to hang with patients, talk music, and some even perform for the patients.

I’ve seen FIRST hand the impact this studio has made in our local hospital in Orange County (CHOC) & it is such a beautiful thing. Giving these patients that are stuck in a hospital a very unique & different outlet.. Bringing some type of excitement in what can be a very dreary time for kids. 

I hope you ALL voted for Ryan because he deserves so very much.


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