Katy Perry Wants You To WITNESS Her HQ In Chinatown


It all started with a tweet.

Last night, Katy Perry tweeted a little tease of what was to come the following morning. At this point, the news of Katy's live stream turned up everywhere. Since the release of her new album "Witness" on June 9th, fans of the singer have been watching her on a live stream which ran for 72 hours.

Then Wednesday morning, Katy Perry tweeted out when and where fans could go to "witness" her live stream HQ and also where they can buy exclusive Witness merchandise.

Katy Perry Pop Up Shop & HQ

The HQ was casually set up in Chinatown and is expected to have a huge turnout. Even early in the morning while they were still setting up the final touches of the shop, you could see fans lining up, waiting to go in and experience this (what I like to call) Katy Perry exhibit. 

Katy Perry Pop Up Shop & HQ

Even the floors were covered with her "Witness" eyes! (Those are not my feet, they're Dana's... the producer!). 

Nuggets Grassy Area

If you watched the stream, some of these pictures would look familiar. Yes, they even had a little yard for Katy's pup Nugget to hang and take care of "business". 

Katy Perry HQ

A lot of the celebrity guests that visited Katy during the live stream hung out in this cool tent on the second floor which had pillows everywhere. It was pretty comfy, I'm sure anyone who entered this tent had a hard time leaving!

There were tons of different activities she did throughout the span of the 72-hour stream and tons of celebrities came to visit as well... Just to name a few: Gordon Ramsay, James Cordon, Jesse Tyler Ferguson... all of which, signed a Witness canvas before departing.  

Everywhere you look has pieces of artwork inspired by her new album "Witness" and if you haven't heard all the songs on the new album yet (what are you waiting for!?) no worries, because her album is playing throughout the exhibit! 

Katy Perry HQ
Katy Perry HQ

Being able to experience this one-of-a-kind experience was certainly a highlight of our day. The art, the behind the scenes views, the merch and the people, made this pop-up surprise a fantastic experience. But remember, it's only here until this Friday, June 16th! It's open from 12PM-8PM so be sure to get in while you can! Trust me, it's worth it! 

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