Ed Sheeran Reveals Which Song He Wishes He Had Written


Billboard recently asked Ed Sheeran, "What’s the song that got away, the one you wish you’d written but didn't?" and he responded with the following...

There’s a song called “Jealous” by Labrinth which I just love. I’ve played it for other songwriters, and they have the same opinion as me -- that they wish they’d written it. Fantastic concept, fantastic emotionally, sparse, and just like the best sort of songs: not overly complicated but you listen to it and you think, "That sounds real." I remember listening to it and welling up, and that’s always a very powerful thing to me for a song to do that.

I seriously LOVE this song. Now I am in love with the fact that Ed Sheeran appreciates it and is bringing it to light! Do yourself a HUGE favor and read the lyrics… it's just a beautifully honest song.

And if haven’t heard the song, take a listen below...I promise you will not regret it!


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