CGV Cinemas In Koreatown Shows Movies On 3 Walls For Immersive Experience

I love going to the movies and just kicking back buying pop corn with extra butter and some good ol' Red Vines. Right? I mean who's with me?

That's just the best whether you're going with friends, family or on a date it's always a great place to go and escape reality for a bit.

Anyway I got really excited when I saw this pop up on my feed earlier! A movie theater in Koreatown that offers ScreenX screens! If you're a little confused as to what that means watch below:

I have yet to go check it out but I am definitely down to go. I've been reading really good reviews on it. 


If you want to check it out you may want to take a trip to CGV Cinemas in Koreatown. According to LAist ScreenX is a South Korea-based product that uses a variety of projectors to display a movie on the walls along the side of the theater, essentially producing a 270-degree viewing experience. How awesome is that!

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Source: YouTube


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