I Conquered A Fear On My Vacation (VIDEO)


I just came back from the most amazing vacation! I took a 7 day cruise with my boyfriend to St.Marteen, Puerto Rico and Haiti.  I also got the chance to do something I've always wanted to do but was so scared of.  I went Zip lining!! Haiti has the worlds longest Zip line over water, it's Called Dragon's breath zip line and I did it!! I was so nervous. It actually wasn't that bad.  Once you get up in the air it's so beautiful and it's over before you know it so you really have to take it all in.  

First we did a baby zip line for practice, I'm the slow one in the middle haha ...


Then they loaded us up to trucks and we took a 5 minute drive to the top of the mountain. The views were amazing!! We could see our ship and tons of beautiful blue water.  


I didn't have a go pro with me so I couldn't take my own video of the big one and you're not allowed to hold your phone unless it's attached to you somehow because you need both hands to hold on.  So here's a video i found so you can see what it actually looks and feels like to do it.  If you're ever in Labadee, Haiti I highly recommend the zip line! 


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