The Internet Freaked Out Watching Ariana Grande Perform With Boyfriend Mac Miller At One Love Manchester

There are no words to sum up the incredible job Ariana and her team did yesterday in putting together the One Love Manchester benefit show to raise money for victims of the Manchester attacks outside the Ariana Grande concert on May 22nd.

The show included performances by Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Coldplay, Niall Horan, Pharrell, The Black Eyed Peas and more. 

AND Ariana Grande's boyfriend Mac Miller joined her on stage to sing their song together 'The Way' - and people totally lost their minds at how adorable the couple is.


And there's another thing going on with Mac and Ari... like, are they engaged??

People have noticed that Ariana has been sporting a big rock on that finger and everyone is wondering if it means what we all kind of hope it means.

If you look closely at her left hand... you can see the sparkler.

Apparently, though, Ariana has been wearing the ring through all of her Dangerous Woman tour which started in February, so unless she's just been secretly engaged for all of this year, it may just be a ring for a different meaning!

Regardless, I have to give so much love to Ariana for returning to Manchester and putting together something so beautiful. 

Ari, you are so brave and full of love. THANK YOU for what you've done.

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