These Celebs Have Animal Doppëlgangers And It's Amazing

Have you ever looked at an animal and weirdly thought 'that looks exactly like Adam Driver.' or 'are we sure this isn't Nicki Minaj as a cat?'

If you have, you're definitely not alone. A lot of people seem to believe these animals look exactly like these celebrities and they are NOT wrong.

Get ready for the BEST laugh.

There this pup, who is actually named after his doppëlganger!


And the Adam Drive cat:


There's the dog that is the spitting image of Samuel L. Jackson:


A Nicki Minaj cat:


And a Taylor Lautner alpaca!


There's a dog that looks like Patrick Stewart...


And an ADORABLE Harrison Ford dog:


And lastly, cats that look like Ron Swanson


My day is SO MADE.

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Thumbnail: YouTube


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