WATCH: News Reporter Freaks Out On New 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Ride


The brand new Guardians of The Galaxy ride has officially opened at Disney's California Adventure! The ride of course takes the place of Hollywood Tower of Terror, which fans were upset was being removed to bring this new Guardians ride to life. 

This news reporter Cory James got to ride before it opened to the public and he FREAKED out! The other riders with him are enjoying it, while he may have fainted?! It's actually pretty funny to watch, plus you get a good glimpse into the ride.

If you want to ride this be prepared to wait up to 5 hours AHHH! That's nuts. I totally want to ride it, but after the hype dies down or score a FastPass!

Also look at these new treats they have - a baby groot sourdough bread and even a cute baby groot cup!


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