This So Cal Restaurant Offers Lobster Elote

Lobster elote has officially taken the internet by storm. 

If you're willing to make the 30-minute drive from Los Angeles to Orange County you can experience the unique combination of lobster elote. 

Apparently when you order the lobster elote at Dos Chinos "you get a whole, live Maine lobster, halved and covered with copious roasted corn kernels and Monterey cheese shamelessly melted over the shells. And then there's the seasonings—oh God, the seasonings: cayenne, cilantro, fried shallots, blackened scallions, and garlic aioli. It has a kick, but not spicy."

Sign me up! I'm always down for some lobster and you know I love me some elote too.

Check it out below:


Source: Instagram/ Doschinos


Source: Facebook/ Insider Food


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