The Story Of This Wounded Veteran And His Service Dog Will Make You Cry (VIDEO)


You guys know how much I love dogs. I truly believe dogs are gift's from god, here to teach us so much! Forgiveness, resilience, unconditional love, you name it! Dogs also have an amazing power to heal.  Former marine Dan Lasko lost his leg during an ambush in Afghanistan in 2004.  When he returned home he had severe case PTSD from everything he had endured.  Lasko reached out to VetDogs, who matches wounded veterans with service dogs, and that's when his life changed.  Lasko was paired with a Lab named Wally who is always by his side. The two do everything together! Wally was even at the hospital when Lasko's first baby was born!! Lasko was even inspired to pay it forward and adopt a shelter dog in need.  Here's Lasko starring with his adopted dog Maggie in a commercial for Pedigree.  Maggie was adopted  from the North Central Shelter here in Los Angeles, where this commercial was shot.  North Central is also where I adopted my dog Foxy!! 


 Adopt don't shop! So many wonderful dogs are waiting homes and a family to love at your local shelters and they're all full of love to give  just like Wally.  If you're interested in searching through some of the dogs at our local L.A Shelters, click HERE.

Watch the video above to see their incredible relationship and just how powerful the companion of a dog can be.  

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