Pink Pineapples Are The New Instagram Trend


Your eyes are not deceiving you! They are actually PINK! Apparently they are safe to eat too! Del Monte Produce have been developing these "pink pineapples" for years now and FDA has approved them to be sold in grocery stores. 

They are of course, genetically modified but they are safe to eat. Since that is the case, Del Monte and Dole have been said to be teaming up to produce more of these pink pineapples to be sold all over the states. 

It's said that they use lycopene to turn these pineapples pink. You can also find this ingredient in tomatoes - which gives them that extra red color - and watermelon. 


They do look pretty tasty, I guess if they're deemed safe, I would try them but I think they might be good as just a decoration for now. Would you eat them?

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