Fidget Spinners - A Fashion & Baking Trend

We have seen the fad come up almost out of nowhere and now it seems people have been taking these little fidget spinners to the next level. From designing them with crystals, playing guitar to swiping on tinder and everything in between, these little guys have been the talk of the town on social media. They're even being made into memes... they're everywhere! 


It doesn't stop there, these fidget spinners are now being used in the makeup, helping contour the makeup artists face. Not only that, but people are making fidget spinners into nail art now too! The nails actually look pretty cool though... 


People say it's too much, which it may be... but now it's just becoming a joke. Almost like "planking", seeing how many places a fidget can go or how many things can be turned into one. Now bakers are getting in with the trend, even dogs!


How adorable. 

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