How we became Magic!

Early fall 2012 I remember jamming with Mark and he started playing this reggae
guitar thing. I started singing and it felt like "Magic!" (no pun intended) I turned to
mark and said "hey we should start a band" as a joke. The next day Mark called
Alex a long time touring buddy. Mark said to me "I promise you're gonna love
him", he even threw in the fact that Alex loves basketball which is one of my
favorite pastimes. Anyway, shortly after that Alex flew to LA. "Magic!" was born.
Within two hours of meeting each other we started making music and it felt like
home. By the end of the two-week trip we had half an album written and a sound
that we all loved. My production partner Adam Messinger heard us from the other
room and said "what you guys up to"? (which he never does) After just one listen
Adam was in and agreed to drop everything on his plate and produce the album.
Adam is pretty amazing btw!

Going into 2013 with a full album done, all we needed was a bass player. I
remember I happened to be at the house one day, and I heard music to my ears!
Ben, a long time friend of Mark's, was harmonizing with our friends and had
a bass in his hand. Is that a sign or what?

So now we are complete, we have Mark on guitar, Alex on drums, Ben on bass
and yours truly on lead vocals. Four boys from Toronto living in LA, it feels good!
Our journey has just begun and we hope to have you in our next chapter.




Nasri has been a friend of KIIS for awhile. Originally from Toronto he got his start via songwriting & producing for Justin Bieber. Now the time has come for him to take the stage fronting the new band Magic! They have a summer sound reminiscent of a mix of The Police, Sublime, and Bruno Mars. See history in the making & join us for their FIRST performance this Wednesday!