Where in the world has my time gone?! I’ve been at KIIS FM  for a couple months and I don't understand what I've done in that time. Well, yeah I do. But it's just been an entire whirlwind. Every week comes and goes, whether I’m ready or not. Ahhh, but I’ve been ready.


This week we celebrated Julie Pilat‘s birthday. So much cake and so much sugar. It was  awesome though. 


Karli was hosting the #weekendmixtape with Julie and she snagged a mariachi to come down and sing Julie some mañanitas for her birthday! The performer Alex Jacke also brought her a cake and flowers! I know it definitely took her by surprise.


Although everyone seemed to be chill, the whole day took me by surprise too! I was on my way to KIIS when I get a txt from Karli.


“Find a mariachi, let’s make it happen compa”


Well, I was on the freeway (not on my phone) looking for a mariachi band with NO luck. I had to fill out online forms and leave messages. Sure enough Karli came through and found the right guys!


We had to make sure they were under the radar. We couldn’t have them just prancing around
in the building. So we hid them on one of the floors downstairs. They were hiding in a room with their trumpets and guitar… just hanging out … trying to be as secretive as they could be. But in all honesty, it was like hiding Taylor Swift in the office… someone would find her!


The game plan was to load in the guest winners and then claim that I had a “disturbed
stomach” and needed to step away from the show. But in the meantime, I was actually running down and grabbing the mariachi, cake and flowers, as well as Jacke.


Winners were loaded and my lie was in full effect. All was working perfectly, except I
had a brain fart and couldn’t remember what floor the Mariachi was on. I literally had 3 minutes tops before it was time to present the artist with the mariachi and cake. OHHHHH MANNNN! I forgot about the artist. And at this point I was already in the elevator!


Bing. The doors opened; low and behold there was the mariachi band. I clicked my way to the top floor. Raced around corners with the band behind me and somehow managed to get Jacke just as the door cracked opened!


Music went off, cake was in the air and all went well at the Weekend Mixtape: Birthday Edition! I seriously cannot, have another brain fart like that again otherwise I’ll look like a fool. So let’s keep it between us! Enjoy your weekend!

Mario Alonzo the Intern  

Check out the awesome decorations Lisa Marie did for Julie's birthday