It is Monday and that means we've got some new music for you! Up and coming styles of music are branching from a variety of nooks from around the world and because of social media anyone can listen almost instantaneously. This is definitely something that gets me excited, but when something catches the summer waves and originates from Los Angeles, my heart really starts beating! 
And that is the case when it comes to El-jay. He's from the valley in Northridge and his music comes from his daily life. In my interview with him he talks about his latest single, "Emergency."  Where life turns into an emergency when his relationship is falling to pieces. 
El-jay shared that his father and Michael Jackson are his greatest inspirations when it comes to life and music. He is son of multi-platinum artist, Rome, whose big hit was “I Belong to You”. El-jay talks about having to fill his fathers shoes as well as proving himself to his dad. 
Check out his music video for his latest single "Emergency" here:
Make sure to follow him on twitter at @elj1ay for updates on his upcoming album and future performance dates. 
Well, I'm off to Hawaii for some Maui music. Ill be sure to let you all know how that goes! 
Cheers to the weekend,