Shepard Fairey unveiled his third installment of new album cover artwork on Wednesday at Subliminal Projects. When news of “50 Shades Of Black” was announced, a staggering number of people (3,500 RSVPs) jumped at the chance to attend and grab limited edition prints and pieces.

The opening of the event had performances by DJ Z-Trip, Everlast and a special surprise performance by LL Cool J. The lines for 50 Shades Of Black wrapped around the block and took as long as two hours to gain entry. Once inside, you were taken down a nostalgic rode through customized Obey phonographs, record players, metal album cover artwork and an assortment of Shepard’s favorite vinyl records that you could play during the show. Shepard’s love for music was the inspiration for the show and he strove to capture the energy of music through his art. Fans were treated at the end of the night by a special DJ set with Shepard Fairey behind the turntables spinning his favorite songs and snapping pictures with a few fans.

 50 Shades Of Black will be on display at Subliminal Projects until May 17th  






Subliminal Projects 

1331 W Sunset Blvd 

Los Angeles, CA90026






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