Every time we’ve seen Lady Gaga this era, she’s usually sporting an entirely different look than when we last saw her. The image she’s constructed for ARTPOP is one of no image, in which she can wear whatever she wants, whenever she wants. One minute she’s a mermaid, then she’s a swine, and then she’s completely naked and spread eagle in V magazine. It’s fabulous, isn’t it?

Check out Gaga’s latest transformation for Elle magazine below, as well as a few obligatory Gaga quotes about being a tortured artist and listening to Bowie.

On handling pressure: “What are you talking about, pressure? I’m great under pressure. I’m a warrior. I’m Rocky, round 12.”

The difference between Gaga’s high-priestess act and the girl who spends time with her family: ”I am—Stefani is—a perpetually tortured artist. That’s why I changed my name. I can’t be her in public. She would be a mess!”

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