Rapper Tyga, and founder of Last Kings clothing company had a grand opening this Saturday for the Last Kings flagship store. I got to check out the much talked about store which is located on the corner of trendy Melrose Ave in Hollywood. Influenced by the Egyptian culture the brand features a variety of Egyptian symbols with a hip hop flare. 



Tons of fans came out to celebrate and show their support to the rappers new store and Tyga showed his appreciation by giving out a couple of autographed hats. As I walked into the store the first thing I noticed was the abundance of Egyptian inspired decorations. There were hieroglyphics on the wall, statues of pharaohs, and even a sarcophagus in the floor! 


The brand carries men’s shirts, beanies, snapbacks, and pants, which features plenty of leather and plaid. Tyga definitely took Last Kings to the next level with the whole design of the new store. Last Kings will be open regularly Monday – Saturday 11am to 7pm and Sunday 12pm to 6pm. If you get a chance to check it out it’s without question an interesting sight to see.


-Olivia Magdaleno    

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