Driven by his artistic talent and inspired by his faith, Jon Hall has created a movement, “In Name And Blood”, that raises money for the less fortunate and invites others to join in and help give back to those in need. My first encounter with Jon’s art occurred in my hometown of Gardena hidden in a small alley connected to the tattoo shop “Yer Cheat'n Heart Tattoo”. Jon painted a beautiful mural of women with piercing eyes surrounded by dark and mysterious hues. Intrigued by this piece I sought out to learn more about Jon and discovered that painting was only part of his plan. Jon has much bigger aspirations that involve traveling to impoverished areas of the world and providing help to as many people as he can. This is his story…

What can you share about “In Name And Blood” and the involvement it has with the community?

I like to use art to beautify the community as well as sharing Jesus with others. Sometimes I just paint girls and sometimes I put up screen prints with Jesus on them, I also sell shirts and posters to raise money to give people on skid row toothbrushes toothpaste, soap and sometimes a lunch.


The paintings of women’s faces are a great component in your artwork. Who are these women and what type of reaction have you received from putting these pieces up around the city of LA?

The faces are of random girls I see online. I just like painting faces so when I see a face I like I just paint it, some of the girls I know. Peoples reactions seem to be pretty good and people are always photographing them and putting them online and they seem to last a pretty long time on the street. People don't seem to mind that they are there.


A few months back you participated in an event called “Fame Fest” where artists can have their art work displayed during Melrose Night at Space Twenty Three. How important do you think events like these are for artists to get the word out about their work?

Events like Fame Fest definitely help artists come together and get to know each other. It's also an outlet for your art work to be seen and potentially purchased and it was just a good time with lots of community coming together at these shows.


Thinking of the “big picture”, what is your long term goal in regards to your art and “In Name And Blood”?

My long term goal would be to travel to other countries and paint the homes of people in 3rd world countries making their small make-shift homes beautiful and bringing supplies to them as well as hanging with the kids and showing them how to paint.


What is a common misconception people have when it comes to the work that you do?

Probably that I'm just trying to make money by using Jesus or get my own fame, but 100% of all profit from In Name and Blood products go to helping people in need.


 Photo Credit: Nina Kaleinani Araica

Where can people find your art?

You can find my art mostly in LA around the Melrose area or in the Arts district. Also, my work can be found in New York around the Brooklyn area like Williamsburg and Green Point.



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