More than two years ago I featured an artist by the name of Morley whose witty wheatpastes were popping up all over the city of LA. Since then, his art has continued to intrigue and inspire and will now be showcased in Morley’s first book entitled, “If You’re Reading This, There’s Still Time”. I was lucky enough to check out the book before its April 15th release and it is absolute perfection. If pages of a book could harness a person’s personality and creativity, it would be this book. The inner workings of Morley’s artistic process, one-of-a-kind sayings and background into his, sometimes awkward, childhood moments are what make this book so enjoyable and most importantly relatable. If you have ever wanted to experience a Morley piece, this book is filled with pages of great photos and entertaining stories of his many adventures as an artist. Complete with a how-to wheatpasting guide, Morley cut-outs and answers to fan questions, this book has a little something for everyone.




Presale for the book has already started so make sure to order yourself a copy by clicking here.


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Photo Credit: Morley