I was recently invited to the Spring Scratch Session thrown by Acrylick clothing brand to discuss the launch of their new spring line. The Los Angeles based clothing company takes pride in the clothing they create by infusing the message of positivity and by pulling from different artistic elements such as music and art. Acrylick co-founder Michael Valenzuela and co-owner Van Truong have made it their mission to always be in competition not with other brands, but with themselves. This is how they push their artistic limits to make clothes that are not only youth inspired but timeless as well. While Michael and Van could try to explain their love for their clothes and inspiration, they would much rather throw amazing events such as the Spring Scratch Session.

These events give back to the community that has continued to support them and also serve as a platform on how passion and individualism are the key fundamentals in following your dreams. I had the opportunity to check out a few pieces from the spring line that launches later this month and each article of clothing has its own vibe of creativity and positivity flowing through the fibers. One piece that stood out was a black crew neck pullover that had a picture of the Los Angeles sky line across it with the city’s name underneath.

Acrylick has continued to grow and evolve with each line they release and if you want to take part in their movement, be sure to check out the line when it officially launches on February 22nd.

For More Information:

Online Store: store.acrylick.net

Instagram: @Acrylick

Twitter: @Acrylickco

Facebook: Facebook.com/acrylickco



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