By Staff Writer: @BrittShab  

Coconut Oil is mostly used for cooking in the countries like Philippines, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, United States and Canada. The people from USA and Canada have just known the importance of eating healthy food cooked in coconut oil. However, most of the Asian cuisines are cooked in coconut oil traditionally.

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil
Coconut oil has proved to be a wonder ingredient for overcoming many health problems. Many severe health problems can be easily cured by regular use of coconut oil. Coconut oil is known to be good for skin, hair, immune system, eyes, kidneys, heart and almost all the parts of the human body.

  1. Boosting the immune system, 
  2. Helping in food digestion, 
  3. Softens the skin giving the required glow and health to it,
  4. Helps in keeping skin away from diseases, 
  5. Helps in healthy, shinning and growth of hair, 
  6. Helps in Weight loss, 
  7. Relief from stress and helps in concentration, 
  8. Reducing the cholesterol and maintains it, 
  9. Reducing the heart problems
  10. Controlling the blood pressure
  11. Dental Care
  12. Helps in proper growth of the new born
  13. Helps in improving and maintaining eyesight
  14. Helps in curing the diseases like HIV, cancer, diabetes
  15. Strengthening the bones of human body
  16. Increasing the overall metabolism of the body
  17. Healing the infections of the body both internally and externally
  18. Helps in treating the pancreatitis
  19. Helps in treating the Alzheimer’s disease
  20. Helps in taking care of the liver of the human body