If you've ever been through a breakup, or are just all about girl power, this is definitely a story you have to hear!

Brooke Lowry engagement ended just three weeks before her engagement photo shoot was set to take place at Disney. What was supposed to be a a "Happily Ever After" shoot became a "Once Upon A Time" shoot.

Huffington Post talked to Lowry about the shoot, which she admitted was 'bittersweet' but decided to go ahead with anyway.

I was feeling vulnerable and self conscious of course that morning, but everyone was so, so kind... It honestly couldn’t have been a more beautiful experience, and I was filled with the peace and comfort that only comes from above. I’m so glad I decided to go through with the photos, and more importantly I’m so grateful for the smallest acts of daily kindness that make all the difference in a broken world.

The photos are absolutely stunning:

See more of the photos here. 

You are amazing, Brooke!!


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Thumbnail Image: Instagram