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Who will be in the next "Fantastic Four" movie??

Posted February 20th, 2014 @ 9:47am

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Now as much fun as the first "Fantastic Four" movie was - I'm not going to lie, it really wasn't my favorite!! I was surprised when they even made a second one!! But hey it was a chance to see Chris Evans in a leotard so that's ok! Plus Kerry Washington was in it so that's awesome!!! Anyways Hollywood for sure has the mind set of at first you don't succeed try try again...till you make even more money! ;) 

Yes a reboot is in the works and now we have a better idea of who will be in the film!! First up Michael B. Jordan as "Johnny Storm / The Human Torch" - You know Michael from "Friday Night Lights" - "That Awkward Moment" and "Fruitvale Station"

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Kate Mara will be taking on the role of "Sue Storm / The Invisible Woman" - You've seen Kate in a BUNCH of stuff - "House of Cards" - "127 Hours" and "Shooter" (And her sister is Rooney Mara)

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So who will play "Reid Richards / Mr. Fantastic" ? - Non other than Miles Teller - you've seen him along side Michael B. Jordan in "That Awkward Moment." He was also in "21 and Over" and you'll see him in the upcoming film "Divergent" 

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Now it's not completely confirmed just yet but word is Jamie Bell will be playing "Ben Frimm / The Thing" - you've seen Jamie in "Jumper" and heard him in "The Adventures of Tin Tin" 

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As of now no one else has been casted just yet - we're just waiting to see who will be the villian. Also the movie apparently will revolve around them as young men and women!

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