Photo Credit - Mariah Carey Instagram

Oksy so according to Daily Mirror magazing Miriah spends about $47,000 on her dog!! According to an insider, she regularly sends her 8 dogs to canine salons where she spoils them with the best treatments including facials, wraps, and full body massages! 

"Mariah pays for all the spa therapies herself and doesn't expect any special treatment. Only her dogs get that. While prices start at $67 for a simple trim, other treatments are extra and Mariah's dogs really seem to enjoy their wraps and full body massages"

 Wow! I love my dog but that's so much money!!!

Photo Credit - Mariah Carey Instagram

And while we're on the subject of Mariah, plans for her 14th studio album have come out! Billboard magazine reported that

"Carey will be taking a surprise approach to the project by revealing her new album's title, tracklisting, artwork and music all at once via to be announced digital partners (a physical release at retail is expected the following week)"

We've seen this before - Queen B did it! Honestly I think after Beyonce did it we might see a few more artists do this exact same thing! But I will note it's not that much of a "surprise" if you say it's going to be a "surprise" - lol. 

Have you seen this video of a baby singing along to Beyonce??