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Rihanna has scored yet ANOTHER cover for Vogue! The March issue of the famous magazine is the popstars third cover! This time, Vogue is digging deep and examining "The Rihanna Effect" and anaylzing how she has become such a huge fashion icon.

Rihanna dishes about her style and tells the magazine she doesn't go out of her way to be a rebel, confessing she was “very much a boy in my style [and] demeanor” as a teen and that it was her “way of rebelling.” “I wanted to dress like my brother. After a while, it was just easier for Mom to dress us both the same. We wore the same jeans, the same T-shirts,” she reveals.

She goes on to say, “I don’t go out of my way to be a rebel or to have that perception, but a lot of the decisions I make, a lot of the direction I want to move, is against the grain, or against society’s tight lane, and I’m aware of that sometimes.” She adds, “It might not be fitting with the norm, but that’s OK for me.”

Rihanna is known for making huge fashion statements with everything from her hair to her clothes to her jewelry and says she likes to use these to express herself, along with her voice. Of her sometimes crazy footwear choices, she states, “It’s not about pain. It’s about the commitment. I say to myself, ‘I want to look like this,’ and worry about the pain later. I’ve had nights I had to tiptoe home and the balls of my feet wouldn’t even allow me to stand.”

This girl is definitely committed to fashion!!

She also reveals that she relies on social media, like Instagram, to communicate and connect with her fans and to even get some personal inspiration!


Check out her cover photo HERE and be sure to read the full article on newstands February 25th!