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Now I don't want to be mean - but REALLY Juan Pablo?!?!? You went from everyone loving you to not liking you very much!! So last night was the Bachelor Finale and it was between Clare and Nikki - each of the ladies met Juan's family and everything seemed fine...until Juan went on his last date with Clare. So while they were in the helicopter and there were no cameras around Juan whispered something to Clare at first we didn't know exactly what he said but it was along the lines of "I like you, but I like hooking up with you more" - Clare was really hurt!! Now during Nikki's date she tried to get Juan to open up about his feelings to her but he wouldn't. Which isn't that weird because the Bachelor isn't allowed to say he loves any girl until he proposes!! 

Now on to the proposal - Clare came out of the Helicopter first so we know he didn't pick her!! Once he let her go she admitted that she is glad he won't be the father of her children and she also revealed what he told her in the helicopter - I can't really say it here!! 

Then Nikki - so Juan Pablo has a ring in his pocket, you think he's going to propose and BOOM!!! He doesn't - he tells Nikki he likes her a lot and doesn't want to let her go, but he's not 100% he wants to marry her! I get it they've only been together for about a month and a half - sort of!! But still BURN!!!!

So during the final rose you'd think Juan Pablo would be in love by now but turns out - he's NOT!!! Chris Harrison tried to get Juan Pablo to admit to being in love but Juan still wouldn't say it - he said "I'm just being honest" - but he also said he wouldn't answer the question - it was so confusing!! 

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Ok this might be harsh - but I think Nikki is making herself believe Juan Pablo's ish!! She said she was so much in love - but Juan Pablo isn't saying anything!

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