Ladies, this one is for us! I've gotten on this running kick with Julie Pilat and we just ran the Graffiti Run in Pomona. A 5k each month is the goal for the year and training is half the battle. It's hard enough getting motivated on my own to run, but music matters and makes the longest run seem not so long. I've tried the arm band and didn't find it comfortable. Running with my iPhone in hand just got sweaty and dropping it into my pocket was just asking for an accident. 

I refuse to run without music and have been on a hunt to find a solution. The universe has answered with Objex. Objex was designed with the woman in mind and the creator behind it kept style, comfort and practicality tied in.

Objex has a pocket built into a sports bra that fits a cell phone, cash, credit cards, keys, lip gloss and anything you might need to carry.

You can choose from three sports bra designs or from two cami designs. Each sports bra is made out of heavy Nylon/Spandex with Moleskin (known for it's strength and durability) plus wicks away moisture.

Happy Running!

Bianca Magdaleno