They really are twins!  Unlike the Thompson Twins or the Ying Yang Twins, the EC Twins really are just that, twins. They were born 15 minutes apart and don't know if they are fraternal or identical but based on the fact that I cannot tell them apart...and they used to do each other's detention, I would say they are identical or really close.  They showed up at my house one night to enjoy the sunset and discuss their healthy secrets but it really turned into more of a party with great music and a lot of laughs.  They are hysterical and have more energy then anyone I know and the fact that there are two of them-everything seems double, including their sarcasm and quick wit.  I got an inside look into their creative process for music. One of their tricks for creating hot remixes is they find an element of the song they love and go from there.  Their current single "Set the World on Fire" is a hit song and is on my iHeart Radio Rockstar Health & Fitness workout playlist...and a must add to your personal workout playlist. It will definitely get you moving!  The video is hysterical and when their manager told them it needed controversy and nudity, they said, "Ok then we will take OUR clothes off."  And they did.  You can see the video of their hit single and naked cameo's in the video below.  


They have a few key healthy secrets.  First, they are "straightedge" or as they call it "teetotalers" which means they do not drink alcohol, take drugs or smoke anything.  "The main reason is we just never started and it's too late to start partying now. We are already quite obnoxious and if alcohol were involved, we would be a disaster." Their favorite workout is cycling. They told me that 75% of their time is in a studio or performing and 20% is riding in spandex.  "We go to the gym a lot more then our bodies would suggest," says twin #1 (I can't tell them apart).  They are also vegetarians bordering on vegan.  This gets really challenging when it's 4:00 A.M. in Milwaukee and they want a kale juice. However, they do the best they can when on the road. Their motivation to stay in shape is 50% to be healthy and 50% vanity, which seems to work well because they look great and are at the top of their game.