Often I get asked who is my favorite artist that I have worked with in the music business. One of my top 5 favorites is legendary hip hop artist Big Sean. Not only is he incredibly talented but he is a class act and a true role model.  I have interviewed him several times and every time I learn something equally interesting.  He had an early start to the healthy lifestyle band wagon because of the amazing things his mom taught him while he was very young.  He knows a lot about supplements and has a special case he carries on the road with him that has everything perfectly divided and organized.  His favorite exercise is boxing and that helps him stay in great shape.  He only eats organic food and you can find his favorite recipe here in my LA Yoga Magazine article
Recently, we were hanging out in the studio listening to music and boxing when he shared his healthy secrets with me. Check out the interview below!  

Big Sean's new album, Hall of Fame, is available now on iTunes!  It is a must have for your workout playlist. My favorite song is: "FIRE" and here is the video starring Miley Cyrus.