We had so much fun with Kerli while we were filming her Rockstar Health & Fitness episode. She is an incredibly talented artist with the #1 song on the Dance chart, "LUCKY ONES." In addition to creating hit songs, Kerli is also a fascinating person! We could have talked and laughed for hours. She has such a fun sense of style.... and sarcastic sense of humor (my favorite type). The recipe she showed us is delicious, healthy, and my favorite part.....easy! I've made it a few times and it is definitely a crowd pleaserI also liked what she showed us in the fitness segment. Her breathing exercise is extremely powerful. Within the first few minutes when I tried it, I could feel the powerful energy moving through my body. I have been exploring different types of meditation lately, and the positive benefits are unbelievable! I will write more about my discoveries in a few weeks but in the meantime check out the video and learn what works best for Kerli!!