Do you like to drive fast?  Well, our guest in the latest episode of Rockstar Health & Fitness sure does like it. Miles Maroney, at age 18, is the youngest driver ever to win the Lamans Series. He is known to hit 200 mph. Race car drivers need to train to be in peak physical condition.  Along with the intense demand of handling the car at high speeds, they are also are sitting inside 170 degree heat. It's important that they have a strong and healthy cardiovascular system. They also have to focus on exercises that strengthen their shoulders, neck, arms and core. In the racing world, I am a big fan of Danica Patrick, and love watching her continue to take the sport by storm. Her favorite breakfast is eggs, oatmeal and peanut butter.

Find out how Miles stays in tip top shape in our latest episode of Rockstar Health & Fitness.