Working with Fall Out Boy has been a blast and I am incredibly inspired by their musical talent.  Over the years, I've not only had the pleasure to work their music to radio, including Patrick Stump's solo project, but I've asked every one of them their secrets to staying healthy on the road!   I've featured lead singer Patrick Stump on our web TV series,  “Rockstar Health & Fitness,”  as well as both Patrick and Pete Wentz in my LA Yoga Magazine monthly article.  

Here’s the link to discover what Pete Wentz’s favorite healthy recipe is, and it’s also the place to read about how Patrick Stump lost 60 pounds! I also grabbed a few minutes backstage with their bad ass drummer, Andy Hurley, to find out his healthy secrets.  He’s in amazing shape and he gives us the scoop on how in the video below!

Be sure and check out Fall Out Boy’s new singles, "Alone Together" and "The Phoenix," from their latest album Save Rock and Roll - available now on iTunes!