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WHO: Oh Honey is an adorable Indie/Folk duo that originated in Brooklyn, NY. Mitchy and Danielle met through a mutual friend and after Mitchy heard her sing for the first time, he knew he found his perfect match for Oh Honey and we couldn't agree more! 

WHY: It's safe to say the single "Be Okay" is...ADDICTING! It's upbeat, catchy, has great lyrics and can be found on repeat in the radio station offices. 

In addition to the single, Oh Honey just ended a tour with American Authors and now the band can be seen on tour with James Blunt and The Fray! CLICK HERE for tickets to see them perform live. 

FUN FACT: If there was one drink that On Honey would recommend people sip on while listening to their music it would be a MOJITO or a PINA COLADA! 

SOUNDS LIKE:  The Mowgli's meet  Ginny Blackmore

Get to know the duo in the interview with Oh Honey and Freddy Rivera below! 

Before playing their single, Oh Honey blessed us with a fun cover of "No Scrubs" by TLC. Check it out below! 

Watch the exclusive performance of "Be Okay" by Oh Honey below & tell us what you think!  


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