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WHO: Our Next Up Artist of the Week is Noelle Bean

WHY: Bean is a talented, down to earth singer/ songwriter from Nashville, TN. Her new single "Cops & Robbers" is making it's way to radio right now and we have a feeling it won't be long until your familiar with Bean and her unique, pure voice! 

FUN FACT: The moment Bean knew she was meant to make music was when she got her very first call from an A&R rep at a record label. Could you imagine how crazy it would be to get a call like that? Hear the complete story below. 

SOUNDS LIKE: Ellie Goulding meets Colbie Caillat.


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Get to know Noelle Bean in the exclusive interview with DJ Skee below. 



Enjoy Bean's intimate performance of her new single "Cops & Robbers" below!    


We were lucky enough to have Bean perform not 1, not 2 but 3 songs while she was here. Check out "Like To love You" below.  

CLICK HERE to see Bean perform "Roller Coaster" live in-studio!





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