WHO: Our Next Up Artist of the Week is Mark Ballas! 

WHY: You may know Mark Ballas as a professional dancer on ABC's 'Dancing With The Stars' but this past May, Mark Ballas took the jump into singer/song-writing (publicly) and all we can say is "FINALLY!" 

“Get My Name”, the debut single from solo recording artist, songwriter, and Dancing with the Stars' Pro, Mark Ballas, released Monday, May 5th. While collaborating in the studio with producer, Wizz Dumb, Ballas co-wrote "Get My Name" with the Missy Elliott mentored writer Jo'zzy, Ballas.' “Get My Name” touts a soulful but fun, funky pop sound. Together, they describe the co-written record as simply, "infectious and fresh."

We were lucky enough to have Mark perform for us in studio and we're not lying when we say he is REALLY good. You already know he can dance but this guy can play instruments and sing all at the same time. #Impressive 

FUN FACT: Mark Ballas started singing and dancing in theatre when he was only 3 years old! 

SOUNDS LIKE: Aloe Blacc meets Justin Timberlake.  

Get to know Mark Ballas in the interview with Sisanie & Freddy Rivera below! 


Earlier this week Mark stopped by to premiere his new song "Miss Incredible." Check out the performance of that song below! 


Check out Mark Ballas performing "Get My Name"... dude can sing!!! 

[BONUS TRACK] Mark Ballas "I Can't Tell You No" 


We obviously can't get enough of Mark. Check out his performance of "Spank Me" below!  





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