See more photos of Lindsey Stirling!

WHO: Our Next Up Artist of the Week is Lindsey Stirling! 

WHY:  Lindsey Stirling is not your average artist. She doesn't exactly sing...she plays the violin and she is really amazing at it.

The first time we saw Lindsey was on America's Got Talent a few seasons ago. After getting cut in one of the final rounds she decided to keep it moving and continue working towards her dream of being a performer. Now, fast forward a couple years, Lindsey has performed with artists like John Legend, Pentatonix and Tyler Ward. Not to mention her Star Wars medley on her YouTube channel is OFF THE CHARTS! 

She may not have won the competition, but recently Lindsey was able to come back as a very special guest performer on the show, and now, on the Next Up stage! 

Be sure to check out Lindsey's new album, Shatter Me, now! 

FUN FACT: Lindsey is a local girl. She was born in Santa Ana AKA Orange County! 

SOUNDS LIKE: This is the first time we actually can't compare our Next Up artist to anyone. If we had to pick one "Sounds Like" it would probably be Clean Bandit. They are a past Next Up artist that is known for using string instruments and producing amazing dance tracks. CLICK HERE to check them out!    

Get to know Lindsey Stirling in the exclusive interview with Freddy Rivera below! 

There is something to be said about Lindsey's talent. Even though she doesn't sing, when she performs it actually feels like her violin is saying everything. It's pretty amazing. Enjoy this intimate performance of "Beyond the Veil" below!

As we mentioned, Lindsey performed with John Legend once before and the YouTube video has over 32,000,000 views. Check out Lindsey covering "All Of Me" (minus John Legend) below!

Last but not least is Lindsey's title song "Shatter Me" off her new album. Check it out below and tell us what you think!  










 By: @BrittShab