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WHO: Our Next Up Artist of the Week is Becky G.!  

WHY: She's a COVERGIRL. She's been featured in Seventeen Magazine. She opened for Justin Bieber. Ladies and gentlemen.. meet Becky G. 

[WATCH] Uber Facts with Becky G.  

When Becky G. was a ripe age of 9-years-old she decided music was exactly what she was meant to do. Now, eight years later, she has a record deal and backing from industry execs like Dr. Luke who have worked with artists like Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson, and Britney Spears. 

"Working with Dr. Luke is like Karate Kid. He's like my Mr. Miyagi. He's more than my producer. He's like my second dad."- Becky G

Becky G. shared that she is definitely going to be releasing new music in 2014 and she is also touring with Katy Perry this fall! Her new song "Shower" has been hitting the air waves and the #BEASTERS have been sharing their excitement on social media like crazy!

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FUN FACT: Becky G.'s first concert EVER was Justin Bieber at STAPLES Center.  The crazy part? Exactly 1 year later Becky G. opened for Justin Bieber at STAPLES Center! Dreams do come true and Becky G. is proof. 

SOUNDS LIKE: Nicki Minaj meets Cher Lloyd. 

Get to know Becky G. in the interview with DJ Skee and Freddy Rivera below! 


This song gave us the chills when Becky G. performed it for the fans in-studio. We think you're going to feel the same way. Go ahead and 1,'s cool. Check out Becky G. performing "Lovin’ What You Do" below!  


The most impressive part about Becky G. is she can simply sit on a stool with an acoustic guitar and have the whole room vibin' and dancing. See exactly what we mean in the performance of "You Love It" below!

"I know I know I know I know you love it!!!!!'  






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