Okay..so my new music feature this week is a girl group called, Girl Radical. So here's how it all happened and how I heard about Girl Radical..So my good friend Autumn says, hey have you heard what JC has been working on...he put a new girl group together..(JC from *NSYNC in case you were wondering, there's only one JC...duh..haha) Anyhow, I was like "a girl group?" So I was hooked and interested..so I finally saw the homie JC and met some of the girls..went online and heard the music and saw some youtube vids...and I tell ya, these are some of the coolest, cutest, sexiest, prettiest, down to earth and talented individuals that you'll meet!! Anyhow, I wanted to share something awesome they did so you can hear their voices!! below is a youtube vid they did not too long ago..it's an acoustic version of their song Don't Get Me Wrong..which is available on itunes and it's so catchy! check it out below! I love these girls!


Don't Get Me Wrong - Girl Radical itunes link here