Fostering Dreams Through Dance is to empower and inspire foster youths to find their passion and follow their dreams through the art of dance. We aim to motivate foster youth to take a stand for who they are and create a powerful, positive future. It is through dance that they will discover themselves and find their voice through this form of self- expression.

We believe dance is the strongest vehicle for self-expression, and the youth will have the opportunity to be able to handle their own unique obstacles by using movement to express what words cannot say. This will give them the tools of knowledge, focus, hard work, effective communication, physical and mental stimulation for an overall better well-being and sense of self.

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With the core belief that each child has unique abilities and gifts to share with the world, Micah’s Voice provides hope and inspiration to families dealing with a diagnosis of autism. Through programs that provide education, awareness, support and financial assistance for those in greatest need, Micah’s Voice empowers families and gives a voice to these special children, so that they can enjoy the best quality of life possible.

We are learning how to live hopeful and happy lives one day at a time. Our goal is to help as many families live with that same purpose. We hope you will share your voice and smile along with us.

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Much Love Animal Rescue exists to rescue abused, neglected and homeless animals from the streets and shelters of Los Angeles and place them in loving homes. Much Love is a 100% non-profit organization run entirely by dedicated volunteers who offer their time and resources to house, train, transport and care for these animals. Since its inception in 1999, Much Love has placed over 3,000 animals. 

Our primary focus is finding safe, loving homes for unwanted, neglected and/or abused animals. We rescue dogs and cats from Los Angeles area shelters who could be loving pets, but are about to be put to sleep due to overcrowding, illness or disease.

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