I recently came across an underground society of up and coming artists who created a forum to enhance their artistic abilities through collaboration. I interviewed Josue Iniguez who is one of the co-founders of this group they call Cosmosys. This is their story…


 Q: Who came up with the concept for Cosmosys?

A: The Art Collective scene has been around since 2006, I believe the first group ever was DepthCore and they are still around. It's basically a lot of artists from around the globe who are into Digital Art, Photography, Audio and even Motion. These artists work on art works for around 3-4 months based on a certain theme such as freestyle, dream vs. reality, phobia etc. After that, we set up the exhibition on our website and our artists advertise the exhibition online, like on twitter, facebook, deviantart, behance etc. We do this so many people can see it. To many artists it's just a hobby, but for others it has become their career.



Q: How did it come together?

A: Our group came together in 2009. Co-Founders Jon Dalgir and Howard Winterson contacted me, Josue Iniguez, to design and develop a website and community for this new art collective. I agreed and we started from there and went public on November 17, 2009.



Q: How did you branch out to other artists?

A: Most of us came from gaming forums, or art forums where we would create small canvas art works called, signatures. A lot of us moved into larger art (bigger canvas) so when we actually made the group we already knew a couple of artist who were experienced in this field. We released exhibitions to the public and more artists heard about us and applied to become artists of Cosmosys.


Q: Would you consider your group to be an underground forum for artists?

A: Yes actually, we have a forum where artists can go and apply to be in our group or just post their art work so that we can critique it or give suggestions to them. We have seen over the past 2 years, artists who have no exposure and are very good at what they do through this application process. A lot of our artists show improvement in less than a year from joining our forum.


Q: How would you define your collective style?

A: Our collective style is based on a lot of different Digital Art styles which include; 3D Modeling, Vector, Vexel, Abstract, Digital Painting, Matte Painting, Photo Manipulations and even Hand Drawings. We also have some Conceptual Photography, and music, such as, house and dub step.


Q: What is your main goal with Cosmosys?

A: Our main goal is to show the world how much we love art. We don’t make money from doing this. We do it because we simply love Art. We also like to recruit artists who are experienced but have no exposure or artists who have potential so when we release our next exhibition they gain some exposure.


Q: Tell me about your online Exhibitions.

A: We release an exhibition every 3-4 months. We like to base our exhibitions on themes for example, our latest three exhibitions were; Experiments II, Havoc and Dream vs. Reality. Like I said, we display Digital art, Photography and even Music.


Q: Are there plans to ever host a gallery with your art pieces or will you stick to online showings?

A: We have thought about this and it would be really exciting for us, although it is very expensive to print over 40+ art pieces. Maybe getting a sponsor to help us with this would be great but for now, we're sticking to online exhibitions.


Q: Is there anything you want the public to know about Cosmosys that people are unaware of?

A: Yes, something very important is about 99.9% of our artists are self taught designers. They either learned by viewing tutorials online but most importantly they learned through experimenting on their own. They never went to any art school to learn how to use Photoshop or any other software. There are only a small percentage of our artists who are actually in art Universities now. Our Artists are very young and very talented with age ranges from 14-24 years of age. We are always accepting Digital Artists, Photographers and Musicians who meet our standards.


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