Have you ever wondered what the street art and graffiti scene was like in France? I was able to find out for myself by interviewing the TSF crew who live in the suburbs of Paris. This crew consists of members that each specialize in different techniques of graffiti, perspective and illusion art. Their work is a perfect representation that the creative spirit is not something you can be taught, but something that you are born with. This is their story…

Q. What does TSF stand for? 

A. TSF, at first, meant The Simpsons Family. It was like a joke where every member had a Simpson’s character name. It was a tradition to call each other by these names but now we try to find new meaning for TSF. Just find yours.


Q. How many people are in your crew?

A. In TSF we are 9 painters in France, 1 in Burkina Faso and 2 in Mexico.


Q. When did TSF start? How did it start?

A. TSF crew started around 1995. It started like a joke with kids who wanted to paint on the wall.


Q. How is the graffiti culture like where you are located?

A. We live in a Paris suburb so there is a lot of graffiti artists, street artists and other street activists around us. Like other places, I think there is some work that is good and some work that is bad but more and more people come in the street to show their work. They make the street as their own free gallery and that’s great.


Q. Is there competition with other graffiti crews in your area?

A. We don't have a competitive spirit but we regularly see some paintings and think that if they were able to make it, we have to do it better. For us, it's in the roots of graffiti to want to be the best and to paint better that the others. It's a cool, good spirit and artistic competition.


Q. I love your work in illusions. Where did you learn your technique?

A. We never had something like school learning to know how to draw and the same goes for the illusions that we do. We are self-educated painters and for the illusions, we just try and try and try again. We work a long time on optical illusions and perspective and anamorphous art was the natural next step for us.


Q. What are you hoping to accomplish with your graffiti?

A. We don't have the pretention to leave an impression to the world, but if our work can make someone dream or smile, we will be proud. We hope to give to people who see us work a little magical, poetical time.


Q. Tell me about your favorite piece of art that you have done.

A. We don't know what our favorite piece is because they all have a story. Hopefully it will be whatever we create next.




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